SLAUTH - SBAY Local Authentication System Software
Slauth is a Perl-based authentication and authorization module for Apache HTTPD 2. It has a plugin architecture. The main plugin initially available allows subscribers of specific Mailman mail lists to self-register for authenticated web site access.

This code has been in operation since Spring 2004. But documentation is currently needed.

Mail Lists
There is a users mail list - consider yourself welcome if you use or want to use Slauth on your web site.

There is another list for developers/volunteers - consider yourself welcome if you have patches or additions for Slauth, or would like to get involved in its development.

Source Code
Browse the source code online.

Sunday, March 26, 2006
Slauth 0.02 released and uploaded to CPAN.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Slauth 0.01 uploaded to CPAN.

Slauth 0.02 tarball FC4 RPM FC5 RPM SRPM
Slauth::Register::Mailman 0.01 tarball Fedora RPM SRPM

Slauth was written by Ian Kluft in Spring 2004 to handle authentication on two private wiki web sites operated by the Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team for collaboration with organizations who were attempting the world's first amateur rocket launch to space. (One of the groups, CSXT, succeeded in launching an unmanned rocket on a suborbital space flight to 72 miles in altitude on May 17, 2004 at Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Stratofox recovered the payload and avionics in rugged mountains 25 miles from the launch site.)

Some groups have expressed interest in Slauth's capability to have mail list subscribers self-register for authenticated web access. In September 2005, the module was extracted from the ad-hoc directory tree where it was operating, and packaged as a proper Perl module for upload to CPAN. Part of the pre-upload testing included making RPMs from the modules' tarballs with cpan2rpm. The module's source code is now maintained under Subversion.

Thanks to Layer42 Networks for server colocation.

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